Thursday, June 10, 2010

Team Marathon Bar 2010

It has been some time since I actually did any kind of an update here and I owe it to myself and any random person coming in to at least give a shout out!

I’ve had a couple of ramblings infrequently, and since the last set of posts I actually have kept running and have done many more races. The official Marathon (includes Ultras also) count is now 43! When you combine those medals and such with all the smaller stuff of ½’s and my incredible wife’s new collection of medals, it makes for a very fun and decorative wall in our house.

The most recent races which I wished I would have blogged about were San Juan Capistrano 50K (where I regained my FTJ title back), American River 50 (where I lost my title again to FTJ), PCT50 (where I was not even close to getting my title back, but did lose 30 minutes to stop traffic for a rattlesnake), and of course the Western States Memorial weekend training runs (where we pulled off 3 consecutive days of running and totaled 70 miles).
So you can see the last several months have been busy and yet wonderful.

I’m going to post a couple of other quick race bits because I really hope to get decent coverage for when I am pacing Jenny at Western States 100 this year!

The other big reason for posting now finally is, wait for it… I was accepted to be part of a Sponsored Team. From here on to the end of the year I will officially be racing as a member of “Team Marathon Bar” powered by Snickers. Their motto is “Stay on Keep On” and it fits because truth be told these bars are delicious, yummmm and do help you to keep going since you are not stuck eating just gooey packets of sugar but tasty energy bars.
This is a completely new experience for me and I’m really excited to on a sponsored team. Yes, of course we wear their gear but I found the clothing they provide to be very comfortable and the designs are well done. I’m proud to show off their kit while also getting to eat a bunch of bars provided to Team Members for free.

Our BIOs for Team Marathon will be hosted on Check it out! So for any of you who ride or run with me I hope you show up to our training and races because I will have a fresh supply of Marathon Bars just for the asking.


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