Monday, April 27, 2015

HydroGarden 2015

Last year was a learning curve with hydroppnics.  Despite it being completely unknown to me, the result was a total success!

So I decided this year to ramp things up and I'm excited for the possibility.  I've doubled the number of Bato style buckets being used and also cleaning up my Kratkey rafts and buckets, also expanding those as well to experiment with some spices in a smaller reservior.  Also started a Horizontal tube of strawberries and added a climbing wall for the cucumbers and cantaloupes.

Here are some pics of the started garden and I'll get some more after a few months when we should see a dramatic difference.  I've expanded what works and added some more experimental buckets and plants... we'll see how it goes.

(asttempted) Overhead pic

Floating Lettuce Rafts and Spice tube above (no medium)

Winterized buckets from 2014 already growing for this year

New drip buckets, climber veggies and potato buckets

Strawberry tube in front of fence, climbing wall on right