Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Race Bag + Drop Bag

Recently I've had a lot of friends making their debuts into the Ultra and Ironman communities. I'll be leaving random helpful posts and tips (most of which I had to learn the hard way.. someone had to forge the way :) )

Basic run-down of my routine for the 50K+ events:
-Stay very well hydrated from now until race morning. Drink another 16oz before bed and after you get up race morning
-Early to bed and I’m usually up at least 1 hour before I need to leave home or hotel
-The early morning time is used for breakfast coffee and as many bathroom stops as I can handle before leaving (squatting on the trail is NO fun)
-Some minor stretching as I wake up race morning
-Double check race and drop bag

RACE BAG – This is for race morning and packed before I leave for races and includes race gear:
-Bottles and Holders
-Breakfast munchies (Banana, Bagel, Jar of Peanut Butter, Instant Coffee)
-Race bibs
-Safety Pins
-ID’s (Dog tags, Road ID Etc.)
-Warm Down clothes (Pants and sweatshirt/long sleeve) for post race

DROP BAG – To be left at approximately a ½ way point for races 50k and up. Drop bags are usually left at the start and volunteers drop them at various locations along the route at a specified aid station.
-2nd Shirt
-2nd Socks
-2nd Pair of trail shoes (depends on race)
-Fresh Water Bottles with powdered nutrients, just add water
-PnJ sandwich
-S! Caps
-Extra bottle with powder mix
-Gloves and Sleeves if nighttime running
-Extra Headlamp

Friday, August 7, 2009

40 Is Here

40 is here
Well not just another year, but how about making it this far to say my 40th Birthday! It really seems unusual only in the aspect that I honestly do not feel like I am 40. I remember being in my twenties and looking at my teachers and career minded folks as being old, now I am actually one of them... I guess anyways in the respect that I'm kind of settled and have been working on my career for 10 years now by being with the same company for all of that. 39 is closing out with my stamp of approval. I've been incredibly fortunate to have so many great people that have been with me and helped me obtain my goals and dreams. This last twelve months have been terrific. I've sustained my health while improving my training endurance and spent great times with family and friends alll around. We've honed our Guitar Hero skills (though somehow Tom n Jan can still beat me in Wii Bowling!), kicked off a couple of race PR's, watched our two babies Riley n Maggey growing up, and even managed to do a room remodel at our home to create the 'High Roller Suite'(actually just our working office but it was a blast remodel that Leslie, Jan, Tom and myself all had a great time working on). Another great highlight of the year was that Leslie and I became aunt and uncle to Dylan. Dylan is a new Service dog that was just partnered to a friend of ours in a wheelchair, and we were fortunate enough to help sponsor Dylan making this partnership possible.

I think the biggest thing for me at this point is the realization that you are what you make of it. Since I'm having a lot of fun in my life, and since I don't feel anything like what the perception is of 40, I'm just gonna keep doing everything that keeps me feeling like 30 (now that was a scary one to hit). Which also means if I'm gonna be 40 but act and look as good as 30 then I have to keep on running. Not just a few miles here or there but put in something real.

With getting a little older also comes more frequent health inspections, so last year I went for the full physical and actually came through with results that posted me healthier now than I was 20 years ago! My secret is to be around people you like, make you laugh and have supportive surroundings, and a very great wife; Of course eating right and exercising might have something small to do with it also. Now that I'm going into this new decade with a clean bill of health from the doc it's time to see what's crossed off that 99 list and what to do next.

A quick race recap was that last year I wanted to do all the races I normally do and the Big goal of Becoming an "Ironman".. Checked! Onto the new year I not only get to race in a new division for 40-49 year olds I will also be right in the average age of 100 Mile finishers. Agahst you say..."100 miles, what ever do you mean?". It's true that people can and do run 100 miles for a single race. Along with all my standard distance races this year already scheduled (50 Miles and below races) my BIG goal is to succesfully run 100 Miles within 24 hours, which I am scheduled to attempt in San Francisco this October, anyone want to pace me :)
Look at it this way, for anyone to even contemplate this is either Crazy or Ultrarunner healthy... I like to think a little of both in my case.

I leave 39 with this final shout "Hey 40's give it your best shot I'm ready for another awesome decade!"

Happy Trails out there,

Rock n Roll San Diego

5/31/2009 Rock n Roll San Diego
What happens when you put together 20,000 runners + 30,000 Spectators + 172 Running Elvis + 25 different bands on stage? One heck of a good time, which is the culmination of the San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon... 26.2 miles of laughs, sweat, pain, cursing, and a priceless memory you shan't ever forget.

It was a true pleasure that on Marathon weekend that our home was blessed with not just incredible company from the Tillotson's, Fowler's, Frankum's, and Yost's but amongst them a brand new to be MARATHONER, Jill. Through weeks and months of Emails and no doubt a few butterflies Jill decided to take on the monumental task of completing her first marathon and had already persevered through trails of miles and miles of trials as she physically and mentally prepared herself for the task ahead.

Having the momentum and courage to even toe the line is a feat, but to have completed the distance and declare your new title of "Marathoner" is FANTASTIC and for many can be life-changing. Being a veteran of such a distance I must say that I was honestly surprised at how cool and collected Jill seemed to be; she even went to bed way past me!!! I'm not sure how she did it but it was inspirational to see how she kept her head together in the hours before the brutal wake up call @ 4AM. You see, Leslie also being motivated herself and lovingly always wants to get involved, volunteered her time once again to assist runners at the Start line of the race. Being that we live a bit away from the race and the Volunteers have such an early start time Jill and I decided to go early and take naps in the car and just simply marvel at the coordinated mayhem ensuing all around us. Watching both athletes, workers, and spectators in one area at 5AM is a sight to see and hard to not get caught up in it.

Though Jill and I did not have the opportunity to run together during the race I had absolutely no doubts on her determination to finish, so I went along to assist many other runners whom I also coach in my own volunteer capacity. Though I'm sure Jill will share some of her stories as her race was memorable in some very interesting ways, don't be shy to ask her the details because even I was laughing with her... "Is there a good dentist out there!"

All in all it was a beautiful day and despite my warnings to Jill to stay off her feet the day before but it made me very proud to see her be added to the exclusive list of finishers whom I know. Last summer of course you remember James McClelland taking the honors of completing his first marathon, and each year in passing I sit back and wonder "Who is next?"... It could be YOU! So now for these other veteran marathoners of James and Jill I am frequently being kindly reminded of how much faster they are getting so apparently the challenge is on and I've no doubt that I better get my butt off the couch and keep training because we have certainly not seen the last of these athletes.

As for me this was another great race and was memorable in that it also signified my 30th finish of an official Marathon or longer distance.

Happy Trails and know that I am always here for anyone ready to take the Marathon plunge,