Thursday, November 6, 2014

Javelina Jundred Day of the Dead costume - Success!

I'm not really going to eleborate or blog on the event itself as my crew had a tragic incident happen due to some extremely negligent people, and we are still and will continue to deal with the aftermath for the months to come.

Rather here is just a quick recap of some pics and my test video of the El Wire costume.  I did run about 60 out of my 100 miles in this costume, and I think it looked really cool and was totally worth the $$ and endless hours put into the design.  Unfortunately I did not "win" the costume contest and have no idea or pictures of what or who DID win it, but that's ok because what I did was appreciated by those who saw it and that's all I ask for.  Besides, I'm sure that whomever won the contest probably had a pretty cool costume, just wish I could have seen it.