Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Race Bag + Drop Bag

Recently I've had a lot of friends making their debuts into the Ultra and Ironman communities. I'll be leaving random helpful posts and tips (most of which I had to learn the hard way.. someone had to forge the way :) )

Basic run-down of my routine for the 50K+ events:
-Stay very well hydrated from now until race morning. Drink another 16oz before bed and after you get up race morning
-Early to bed and I’m usually up at least 1 hour before I need to leave home or hotel
-The early morning time is used for breakfast coffee and as many bathroom stops as I can handle before leaving (squatting on the trail is NO fun)
-Some minor stretching as I wake up race morning
-Double check race and drop bag

RACE BAG – This is for race morning and packed before I leave for races and includes race gear:
-Bottles and Holders
-Breakfast munchies (Banana, Bagel, Jar of Peanut Butter, Instant Coffee)
-Race bibs
-Safety Pins
-ID’s (Dog tags, Road ID Etc.)
-Warm Down clothes (Pants and sweatshirt/long sleeve) for post race

DROP BAG – To be left at approximately a ½ way point for races 50k and up. Drop bags are usually left at the start and volunteers drop them at various locations along the route at a specified aid station.
-2nd Shirt
-2nd Socks
-2nd Pair of trail shoes (depends on race)
-Fresh Water Bottles with powdered nutrients, just add water
-PnJ sandwich
-S! Caps
-Extra bottle with powder mix
-Gloves and Sleeves if nighttime running
-Extra Headlamp

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