Wednesday, September 8, 2010

About to embark on the adventure of my first 100 Mile foot race

Rio Del Lago 100 Mile Endurance Run

It's now official with Bib # 38... This Saturday 9/11/2010 @ 6AM I will begin my latest challenge of running a 100 mile race, not to be confused with my 24 hour race completion (of 106.1 miles).

Ridiculous and crazy and exciting and everything else you can imagine.. are the thoughts going through my head.  I wanted to write more before the event but I realize I've not yet packed and am leaving tommorow bright and early.

We also opted to rent a GPS beacon and you should be able to follow my journey live @

I will say though that I fell strangely confident and can't wait to get started.  It will be grueling, difficult, emotional, exciting, rewarding, and probably one of the best things I've done athletically since finishing a Full Ironman!

Stay tuned for some hopeful race reports while I am recovering next week..

Happy Trails

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