Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wagon Tail Saloon

The Saloon continues to take shape.  I'm often finding myself anxious to do more work on it so it can be done, but I don't want to sacrifice my design or quality... so easy goes it.  Since tearing down the first version Bar#1 (it was not following my idea from the beginning, but the ball was already rolling and I had to jsut wait for it to come to a stop before picking up the pieces and moving on), I've been very pleased with this rendition of the DIY L Shaped Bar #2.  I was careful this time to build the framing from my design before letting anyone else in on what I was doing, this ensured that now I have no-one but me to blame if something does not work or fit ;) You may also noticed we've modified our Saloon name to something a bit more fun with some word play on it.

The bar framing is complete and decorative stained planks are becoming the bar top and working counter top (as you see in the above pic).  I'm having some trouble locating the edge piecing for bar top but patience is key I've learned.  Sadly it will not be even close to ready for our Christmas party but at least the form works and I can cover it with tarps until I get around to finishing the stain and clear coat for top.

Last night I started on electrical and some audio wiring.  Also test fit the fridge and whew it's a perfect fit!  I'm hoping another month for completion and then we can have our ribbon cutting to the 'Wagon Tail Saloon'

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