Friday, November 18, 2011

Remember the Planjo Banjo project?

Well, some may recall that over the summer I let myself get wrapped up in the project of trying to build an instrument.  NO I am NOT a Luthier... and trust me the craftsmanship on this Banjo I built lacked a lot!

The important thing was more about what I learned and whether I thought I could suffer through learning an instrument.  This project told me that if I had the patience to see this through, whcih I did... perhaps I deserved a well built instrument?

Lo and Behold I started looking around using the knowledge I gained while building my Banjo.  I was first shocked at the cost of a new instrument.  Like many other things though the theory "buy the most you can afford" holds true for instruments as well.  I just began scouring ads and postings for a decent lightly used Banjo.  Then after many weeks and months of looking I came across a perfect price point for a Classic Goodtime 2 Banjo made by Deering, and the best part is that it was new and un-opened.  Could not pass up the deal so yes I treated myself early... now I gotsta' lern to play the banjer'

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