Thursday, October 22, 2009

100 in 24? That is the question.

I sit here on my comfy couch when it's 2Am, not because I can't sleep but because I am intentionally trying to reverse my sleep patterns as preperation for an upcomging race.

On October 24 @ 9Am I will be toe-ing the line for the San Francisco One Day event. This is a timed race of 24 hours... yee with the most miles in 24 hours takes the win!
Though running 100 Miles has been on my mind before, I've never really done anything about it. The 24 hour format seems like a good opportunity to test this ability and see if I have what it takes. The first goal of course is just to try and go the time distance which is to actually use all 24 hours. The secondary goal is to hit that triple digit barrier of 100 miles.

My hope is that I can run the 24 hours while acheiving at least 100 miles in distance around the 1 mile loop. It sounds crazy and yes, will be a little boring seeing the same things over and over; but having a well stocked aid station and all my personal needs items so close will be handy. Since I've never come close to this distance or time (Ironman being the biggest even so far) I'm ensuring I have as many comforts as possible near by.

It's going to be an interesting weekend for sure. Upon completion of this event I can only wonder what I'm suppose to challenge myself with next!

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