Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Brief Update on Hydro Garden

The Hydrponic garden met and then exceeded any expecations I had.  The production and quick growth of these plants was almost too much for to handle on an after work basis.  I found myself spending entire weekend afternoons gardening and prepping.

What really surprised me is how much nutrients those plants ate once they started getting fruit.  My reservoir of 22Gallons was getting depleted every 3-5 days, it was crazy.  This is a full recirculating system so no water is being wasted, and all of it is being used and consumed by these very hungry plants.

It's a little late in the season for smoe new plants and such, but I'm so enamored by the success that I am certainly going to maintain this garden through the year and likely double the production next year by adding some new varities.  This year we did and are still getting; Cucumbers, Orange Red & Green bellpeppers, about four different tomatoe varieties, Hot Chili peppers similar to a serrano but more on scovilles along a Habanero, butterleaf varieties of lettuce, Canteloupes and Basil.  We have more garden items but these were the only things in Hydro nutrient solution! Wow did they go crazy.

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