Monday, November 26, 2007

Quicksilver 50/50 - Memories from my first ultra

Ok, I know this is old information but I am about to embark on some very new territory and distances. But before I did I found it helpful to relive the memories of my first "Ultra" distance event with my uncle Bill Eilers. Now It will be Jennifer Henderson (AC100 winner amongst many other events) who will I will be on the heels of for my next adventure; the Avalon 50 miler!

Quicksilver Ultra (50k) - May 13, 2006 - Crazy? probably. This is the race that Uncle's running club sponsors, and it should be a worthy adventure as it would be my first Ultramarathon! Stay tuned for updates. WOO HOO - Not only did I complete my first Ultra Marathon but I took 3rd place overall of first time Ultra runners and 3rd place in my division with a time of 5:41:45. A shiny new 3rd place plaque and Quicksilver medallion proudly adorn my running wall . If you have some pictures from this even that you would like to share please send them to me for posting.Check for some Race Pics from Quicksilver 50k 2006 5/15/06 - Well, it took me a couple of days to figure out where I am, not to mention what I did just a couple of days ago. Turns out that all the warning and advice about running a trail ultra-marathon were totally accurate. Now if only I had taken ALL of the advice no doubt I would have faired even better. Though I must tell you that this was yet another incredible and emotional time for me. To think, sleep, eat, and dream Ultra Marathon for six months made the reality that much sweeter. Many many thanks go out to everyone for there amazing support during the day. My mom for coming out to see the big finish and my Bro for skipping away from work to also catch a photo-finish. Uncle and Auntie for putting me up for the night and great pre-race dinner of home-cooking. My crazy wife and her parents for driving 500 miles overnight just to be at the finish line. I love all you guys for helping me to make this happen. Uncle Bill and his running club were a big help by not letting me get off my ass all day on Friday, so all I did was fill water jugs. While I watched them enjoy beers in the sun on a hot day I got a lot of 'rib poking' and must admit it was the best fun i've had in a long time and I really took a liking to those guys. I would run with any of those gentlemen any day of the week as they are the tightest knit group of running friends I've had the pleasure of meeting. When I passed them at the aid stations along the way they were quick to look out for me by making sure I was headed the right direction (of which I usually was not) and they kept me well fed with potatoes and salt. One way I knew what direction to head was by hearing the Oscar Meyer Weiner song by non other than Ephraim Rosemberg, "Thanks Ephraim" I now know why you are an inspiration and 'guru' to my Uncle Bill Eilers. I have so so much more to tell about this race and what an affirmation it gave me that it may show up in "Huckleberry 2000" because it would make Wins proud!... But for now it's back to drinking beer and learning how to walk again since my whole body aches.

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